Katie dried off and went into the pool house. She found a fluffy white robe and hung it by the shower and slipped out of her wet bikini.
Her nipples were hard and erect, and she wasn’t sure if it was from the cold air or the excitement of Joel’s look.
Her hands glided down her body as she stepped under the water. It was warm and soothing, and her skin felt tingly at its touch.
POP HER CHERRY-Chapter FourHer hand slid between her legs, sliding past her soft pink skin. She was wet, not from the water, but from her own excitement. The sensation of her fingers gliding across her pussy caused it to ache.
She thought about Joel’s eyes, his dark wavy hair and muscular arms. It was obvious he liked what he saw, and that was creating a stir between Katie’s legs.
Her hand continued to slide between her legs, rubbing gently against her slippery skin. The water tickled her clit with hard blasts as her fingers separated, giving it access to her intimacy.
She wanted Joel to touch her this way; to feel the excitement he stirred in her. She imagined his hand between her legs, closed her eyes and gently stroked her plump lips. Her finger slid in between her folds, and teased the opening of her virgin pussy.
She wanted to know what it was like to have someone make love to her, to fuck her. Her finger slid inside, pushing as deep as she could reach. The water smacked against her breasts like small angry tongues at her nipples, and her hand pumped between her legs causing the water to splash to her feet.
Katie pressed her back against the cool tile, lifted her leg to the bench in the shower, and pushed deeper inside of her pussy with her fingers.

Her juices were flowing down her hand, mixing with the water as she let out a moan. The large empty room echoed her moan, causing her to tense.
The thought of getting caught, especially by Joel fueled her excitement, causing her to fuck herself harder and faster.
Her moans grew, echoing through the pool house. Her knees felt weak, his head went dizzy, and she felt a rush of excitement push through her body as she orgasmed on her hand.
She clenched her legs together, bit her bottom lip and let out a tiny squeal as her body throbbed around her fingers.
She was 19, beautiful, but still a virgin and she hated that fact. She wanted to experience what it was like to be with a man, but not just any man… Joel.
Something sounded in the darkness, similar to a can being kicked. Katie quickly grabbed the fluffy white robe hanging by the shower and wrapped it around her.
She left her wet bathing suit hanging on the bench to dry and walked out into the main pool house.
The room was dark, but a shadow pushed through the darkness and into the night air. Katie felt her heart sink at the thought of someone being inside there, watching her, listening to her. What if it was Thomas she thought?
As she walked through the pool house to the door, she looked down at the beer can on the floor. It was a Budweiser, what Joel drank by the pool while she swam.
Outside, there was no one by the pool, and the French doors to the house were closed tightly. She called out, but no one answered.
She felt a little tingle between her legs at the thought of Joel watching her. But, she still wasn’t sure.
Inside the house, everything was quiet. She grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and started to head upstairs. She noticed Joel sitting on the sofa, he

looked white as a ghost, and his breathing was rapid.
“You ok?” She asked.
“Yes, I Uh was chasing a raccoon off the back porch.” He said.
“So, that was you in the pool house?” She asked.
Joel looked shocked. She could tell he wasn’t sure how to answer that without incriminating himself.
“I, uh, just went in for a second to check things out. I heard a noise, and seen the light…” He said.
He seemed to be stumbling over his words, and making them up as he went along.
Katie smiled. There was something sexy about the way he became embarrassed so easily.
“I didn’t know you were in there.” He said.
Katie still smiled.
“Until I heard the shower…” He added.
One thing Katie knew about Joel, was that he rambled when he was nervous. He was certainly rambling now, and she loved every minute of it.
“Ok, I just heard a noise, and I saw your beer can on the floor.” Katie said.
Her smile was coy, and her eyes wide as she spoke.
“So, how’s mom?” Katie asked.
“She’s fine. Asleep.” He said.
“Good.” Katie said.

“Well, I better get to bed myself.” Joel said.
Katie watched him quickly get up and nervously walk past her. She had shaken him up, and that excited her. She gripped his wrist before he made it to the stairs and spun him around towards her.
Her arms opened, revealing a portion of her right breast, and she moved towards him.
“Can I have a hug?” She asked.
“Of course, kiddo!” He said.
He moved in towards her, pulling her in for a hug. Her chest was pressed against his, and she could feel his heart racing beneath his muscles. His breathing had calmed, but was still winded.
He squeezed her tightly, resting his head on her shoulder. His hot breath caressed her skin, causing her arousal to grow.
As she pushed her body against his, she was sure she felt an erection against her thigh. She pushed harder against it, yes, it was an erection.
Joel pushed away, looked at her with a strange guilt in his eyes, and then kissed her forehead.
“Goodnight kiddo.” He said.
“Goodnight.” She said.
She watched him walk up the stairs. His ass was tight and round in his tight jeans, and his hair fell just to the back of his neck. He was delicious.
Katie closed her bedroom door and went into the bathroom. She opened the white robe, letting it fall to the floor as she stood in front of the mirror.
Her reflection was breathtaking, even to her. She turned to check out her own ass, and then sat on the stool in the bathroom, opening her legs in front of the mirror.

She pushed apart her folds, revealing her tight center, and slid a finger inside while she watched. It was so tight, so small, and the erection pushed against her thigh just moments ago, so large and hard.
Her legs opened wider, and she pushed two fingers inside. She watched as her skin stretched to accommodate the extra meat, but was still curious how it would accommodate a hard cock.
She felt her excitement increase as she watched her pink skin cling to her fingers, tugging on them as if begging them to fuck her harder. She shoved her fingers in deep, holding back her moan as she fucked herself with a fast, steady rhythm.
It was so easy to get worked up when thinking about Joel, and she was surprised at how easily she could reach an orgasm with his eyes in her mind.
A tap at her door startled her. She quickly pulled her fingers from between her legs, and wrapped the robe around her body. She was aching in the spot where her fingers just left, and her breathing had become shallow as her excitement grew.
She walked to the door, slowly opening it up. Joel stood on the other side.
He had a concerned look on his face.
“Did I wake you?” He whispered.
“No, I was up.” Katie said.
She didn’t want to admit she was up fucking herself yet again. Her fingers probably smelled of her pussy, so she shoved them into the pocket of the fluffy robe. She tried to calm her breathing, but she knew it was obvious she had been up to something.
“Are you ok?” He asked.
“I was just doing my evening exercises.” She said.
She was surprised at how quickly she came up with a lie. And she had to

admit, it was much better than his lies earlier.
“I just wanted to say I was sorry… if I startled you earlier in the pool house.” He said softly.
Katie smiled. He had startled her, but more importantly, he excited her.
“It’s ok.” She said.
“No, it isn’t.” He said.
“I shouldn’t have gone inside at all…” He said.
Katie felt her face turn pink from embarrassment. It was obvious he heard her, or maybe even seen her masturbating in the shower. He just acted too guilty.
“I mean, after walking in on you in here, and then…” He said.
“And then what?” Katie asked.
She had cut him off from finishing his sentence, and he seemed more grateful for that than her.
“And then… scaring you.” He said.
“I wasn’t scared…” Katie said.
Her eyes locked onto his. She had a strange urge to drop her robe, begging for that look again. But, she refrained, kept her composure and smiled.
There was that look again. The one where he noticed her, and was turned on. She didn’t even have to drop her robe to get it…. her entire body felt hot as he looked at her.
“Goodnight.” He said.
“Goodnight.” Katie responded.
She shut the door, and plopped onto her bed. He really was delicious. His eyes

were enough to send her over the edge of an orgasm, so she couldn’t even imagine what his touch could do…. she had decided. Joel was the one she wanted to pop her cherry.

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