Naughty Neighbors 3

Chapter One
Phil grumbled with a hangover as Darlene made too much noise getting dressed for the day.   She went downstairs to make the smoothies, and thought that today would be a great day to have coffee in the house.Phil grumbled with a hangover as Darlene made too much noise getting dressed for the day.
She went downstairs to make the smoothies, and thought that today would be a great day to have coffee in the house.
Phil was not moving, so she knew she had time to sneak a cigarette before he came down. She reached in the detergent box and pulled out her cigarettes and lighter, and then stepped outside.
Sitting back in her chair, she lit the cigarette, and took a deep puff. She was shocked that her head didn’t hurt after so many margaritas, but was grateful to be feeling as good as she did.
“Is that smoke?” Tommy’s voice chimed from over the fence.
“Yes, don’t tell on me.” Darlene said.
“You naughty girl.” He teased.
Darlene smiled, and then leaned back in her chair to continue enjoying her cigarette.
Tommy opened the gate and walked over, taking a seat in the chair next to her.
“I had fun last night.” He said.
“I did too. Thank you for inviting us over.” She responded.
“Any time.” He smiled.
“So, did you get a chance to watch the show last night?” he smirked.
Darlene puffed on her cigarette, and refused to look him in the eye. She knew

as soon as she did, she would start giggling uncontrollably and turn bright red.
“It’s ok. I like it when you watch.” He said.
Darlene felt the blood rush to her cheeks. Oh god, she thought, he knows I watch.
“I haven’t seen anything.” She lied, still without making eye contact.
“Naughty girl, smoking, and watching her neighbor’s fuck in the pool and the hot tub…” he teased.
“And the lounge chair.” She said, and then started laughing.
“Ohhh, I knew it. So bad, I LOVE it!” he said with a smile.
“Well, if you’re right outside my window, how am I supposed to avoid seeing it?” Darlene said.
“I know what you mean.” He said.
“I couldn’t help but watch you last night as you got undressed.” He added.
Darlene forgot about that. She was drunk and not thinking straight. Her embarrassment level shot through the roof as she remembered bending over in front of the window.
“Thank you for that by the way, it helped get me going.” He said.
Darlene knew he didn’t need any help to get going. Tamara was a beautiful woman. She was built perfectly, and as she stood in front of Darlene naked, she turned her on, and she didn’t even like women.
“I’m sure you didn’t need any help.” She said.
“Don’t get me wrong. Tamara would have got my engine running without a doubt. But, there’s just something about that level of naughtiness that brings you to a new level.” He said.

Darlene knew exactly what he meant.
She knew that Phil had all the skills needed to get her excited, and get her off. But, sometimes it felt like there was something missing. That excitement of watching Tommy and Tamara, the thrill of knowing they had watched her last night; that was something different than she had ever felt. It was beyond hot.
“So, how’s Tamara feeling today?” Darlene asked.
“She’s hurting a little bit, but she will be fine by noon.” He said.
“How about old Phil?” he asked.
“He will be down ‘til at least ten too.” Darlene said.
Darlene finished her cigarette, and then crushed it into the dirt behind her. She picked up the butt and stuck it in her pocket as she got up.
“Would you like something to eat?” Darlene offered before going into her house to start breakfast.
“I would, but I will take a rain check.” He said with an odd smile.
He inked at her and then walked back towards his house.
Darlene was excited by his comment. She didn’t know what he meant, but he certainly made it sound damn sexy.
Since Phil was sleeping, Darlene decided to cheat on her diet and run to McDonald’s for a breakfast biscuit and a large coffee.
As she ordered her food, she felt like she was doing something dirty.
She parked under a tree in the parking lot for some shade, and then unwrapped her sandwich. It had been years since she tasted one of these, and the coffee smelled so good she wanted to cry.
As soon as she shoved the biscuit in her mouth, a horn honked beside her.

Tommy sat in his silver Kia, wearing a large smile.
Darlene rolled down the window to hear what he had to say.
“Naughty girl.” He scolded with a smile.
“I can’t help it!” Darlene said.
“I couldn’t live without coffee or fast food, so your secret’s safe with me.” He said, and then pulled away.
Darlene felt like she was cheating on Phil as she enjoyed her coffee and biscuit with melted cheese and some form of egg product.
She knew he would never find out, so she shrugged the thought of him being upset with her out of her mind, and enjoyed her sandwich.
Tommy pulled back up a few minutes later with his food. He climbed out of his car, and got into Darlene’s without invitation.
“Being bad feels good doesn’t it?” he asked.
Darlene shook her head in agreeance as she sipped her delicious coffee.
“When’s the last time you had this?” he asked.
“Years.” She said. “Probably five years.” She added.
“So, what do you eat for breakfast?” he asked.
“A smoothie usually, sometimes rye toast and fruit and yogurt.” She said.
“Every day?” he asked, raising his eyebrows high onto his forehead.
“Every day.” Darlene said.
“Oh man. I couldn’t imagine eating the same thing every day. A little variety can really spice up your life.” He said, wearing a very sheepish grin.

Darlene finished her sandwich, and Tommy climbed out of her car.
“Anytime you want to cheat, I’ve got your back.” He said, and then smiled as he got into his own car and pulled away.
Darlene sat there a minute before driving off. She couldn’t help but think his comments were geared towards something else. Variety, cheating, he would have her back…it all sounded pretty flirty. It gave her a tingle to think that his curved cock might actually be an option.
But, she knew that even if she did crave some change in her life, cheating on Phil was not an option. Was it?

Chapter Two
Darlene got home and found Phil still in bed. She was feeling a little frisky from thinking about Tommy, and his flirtatious behavior this morning.
She climbed into bed, slid underneath the covers, and pulled Phil’s limp penis from his sleep shorts.
He squirmed a little, but he never woke up, so she started stroking him gently. He came alive in her hand as the blood was manually pumped to his member. She heard him grumble, and then stretch out.
She squeezed his cock between her fingers, feeling it grow against her hand. Her fingers slid to the head, and then down the shaft in slow, rhythmic motions.
He let out a moan, but still didn’t open his eyes.
She took him into her mouth, first the head, scraping her teeth just the way he liked, and then pushing him deeper into her mouth as she worked up saliva.
Her hand squeezed tighter, stroking his shaft in the same direction of her mouth, and she let her other hand slide between his legs to cup his balls.
“Baby…” Phil mumbled as he opened his eyes.
Darlene looked up at him, watching his expression change from confusion to excitement.
She had never woke him up like this before, even though the thought had crossed her mind several times.
She always stuck to her routine, well, his routine, but now, she felt like adding some excitement to her life.
“Ohhh…” Phil moaned as she took him deeper into her throat.

His hand pushed against her head, gripping her hair as his hips thrust towards her, feeding her his hard cock.
She felt his veins swell and his balls tighten as he let out a groan. His load shot into her mouth and down her throat. He tasted salty, but swallowing him made her hot.
He gasped as he calmed himself down, and then pulled her up towards him in the bed.
She lay with her cheek against his hairy chest, and gently kissed him as he stroked her hair.
“Amazing way to start the day.” He said with a grin.
Darlene smiled. She was happy she satisfied him, and even happier that she surprised him with her new found aggression.
“I think I drank too much.” Phil said with a laugh.
“Ya think?” Darlene teased.
“That was wild last night.” He said.
“Yes, but fun.” She said.
She thought back to Phil fondling Tamara’s big breasts, and then to Tommy fondling hers. The tingle between her legs grew as she remembered him and Tamara fucking in the hot tub outside her window while Phil slept.
“I’m supposed to start helping Tamara work out today.” He said.
“Well, according to Tommy, she was going to be asleep until noon.” Darlene responded.
“Oh, you already seen Tommy?” he asked, with a little hint of jealousy in his tone.
“Yes, outside earlier.” Darlene said, but left out the part about him coming

over, and the part about him finding her in the parking lot of McDonalds.
Phil threw the covers back, and stretched as he stood up out of bed.
“I better get my day started.” He said, and then headed to the bathroom.
After a few minutes, Darlene heard the water running. She was a little irritated that he didn’t repay her the favor with a morning orgasm, but she decided to let it go.
Downstairs, she started working on his smoothie, and like clockwork, he showed up looking for it.
“You’re the best babe!” he said, and then patted her on the head like a puppy.
“I think Tommy was really impressed with your tits last night.” He said.
“Yeah, about as impressed as you were with Tamara’s.” Darlene quickly responded.
“That was work related, yours was just for fun.” He said, and then let out a little chuckle.
“Yeah, work related my ass…” she said.
A knock on the door interrupted their teasing. Phil disappeared from the kitchen, and in a few seconds, Darlene heard talking in the living room.
She walked in to find Tamara was awake, dressed, and ready to work out.
“Hey girl!” she yelled from over Phil’s shoulder.
“Good morning.” Darlene said with a smile.
“I hope you don’t mind if I steal your husband for a few hours.” She said.
“Not at all, keep him if you want.” Darlene joked.
Phil smiled at her with his nervous excited grin. “I’ll be a couple of hours.” He

Darlene watched out the window as they both got into Phil’s SUV. She was relieved he took her to the gym, and didn’t start her workouts at the house, but she knew she would have to deal with them working out together in her workout studio soon enough.
Darlene put on her bathing suit and headed out to the pool. It was a beautiful day, and since she had no work to do, and no Phil to dictate how she spent her time, she decided to relax.
Outside, she placed her towel on her favorite chair, and then removed her bathing suit cover.
She tip-toed into the water, one step at a time, trying to get used to it before taking the plunge.
“It’s easier to just jump.” Tommy shouted from the gate.
“Yeah, well, it’s damn cold.” Darlene yelled back.
“Don’t be a sissy.” He teased.
“I don’t see you jumping in…” Darlene scoffed.
Tommy opened the gate, ran towards the pool, and jumped into the deep end.
“Whoooo!” he shouted as his head came out of the water.
“See, it’s cold!” Darlene said.
“Only at first. It feels great now.” He said.
He swam towards her, and once he made it to the steps, he stood up.
“Don’t even!” she warned.
Tommy’s evil grin told her he was not listening. She started to back out of the steps, but he grabbed her by the hand.

He pulled her towards him, causing her to drop down to the last step. The cold water hit against her waist, making her let out a squeal.
His cold hands gripped her waist, and he picked her up from the step. He carried her into the water, her screaming and squirming the entire time.
“Stop!” she yelled, but laughter consumed her to the point she did not sound threatening.
He pushed her close to him, close enough that she felt his erection against her backside.
“Do you want me to let you go?” he asked softly.
Darlene wasn’t sure. She wanted him to think she did, but in reality, she liked being in his strong arms.
She never laughed like that with Phil; he just wasn’t the playful type. It felt good to let loose and have fun.
“No.” she whispered.
“I didn’t think so.” He said.
He swam to the edge of the pool, where he backed himself up against the wall. Darlene’s back was to his chest and his hands around her waist.
His erection was growing as his hands slid down to her bikini bottoms. His fingers traced the outline of her bikini, but avoided touching her past the material.
Her pussy swelled and started to ache. She wanted him to touch her. She needed him to touch her.
“Can I?” he whispered, his fingers lingering at her material’s edge.
“Hey Darlene, whose your friend?” Sandy’s voice came from over the fence.
Tommy released his grip on her, and she swam towards the edge where Sandy

could see her better. But, she knew she had already seen them wrapped up together, and probably heard everything.
“Tommy, this is Sandy.” She introduced them.
“He and his wife just moved next door.” She added.
“Oh how nice. Where is your wife?” she asked, with her condescending tone.
“She is working out with Phil at the gym.” Tommy responded, as if nothing bothered him about her tone.
Darlene got out of the pool and wrapped her towel around her.
Tommy swam to the edge and then pulled himself from the water. His hair was sticking to his chest where the ends had gotten wet. His arms bulged as he put his weight on them to pull from the water. He was gorgeous. She knew he was dangerous. She loved it!
“Gotta run, thanks for the dip!” he said, and rushed over to his own yard.
Sandy gave Darlene a knowing look, and told her she had to get back to gardening.
Her heart sank as she realized she had been out there the entire time. She heard everything they had said. She saw everything they did.

Chapter Three
Darlene went upstairs to change, and then threw herself on the bed. She traced her panty line, just as Tommy had done, and tried to take herself back to that moment.
She was pretty sure she was going to let him slip his fingers into her bottoms, but she wasn’t sure how far she would have let him go.
In a way, she was relieved that Sandy, the nosey ass neighbor had stopped them. If she hadn’t, she may have not been able to resist his large curved cock.
“Muffin, I’m home.” Phil yelled at the front door.
“Quit calling me Muffin!” she yelled back.
Phil made his way up the stairs, and then stood at the edge of the bed.
“What? I thought you liked that name?” he said.
“I don’t have a muffin top anymore.” She said.
Phil reached down and slapped her on the belly.
“You will have if you don’t keep exercising.” He said.
“Speaking of that, did you exercise today?” he asked.
“No.” she said.
“I swam.” She admitted, but left out the part about Tommy almost fingering her until the nosey neighbor busted them.
“That’s good. How many laps?” he asked.
“Phil, can you let it rest. I’m not your client. Quit the work mode for a bit.” She

Phil looked at her confused. She had never spoken to him like that before. She had always been a very obedient wife and fitness client.
“Sorry sweetie, I didn’t realize it bothered you so bad.” He said.
“It doesn’t, well not all the time. But, I just need a break.” She said.
Phil’s hand slid in between her thighs and up her sundress. He tugged at her panties, and with one good tug, they were around her ankles.
Darlene loved that Tamara got his blood flowing the way she did. At this point, she was thankful for the action, especially since her pussy still ached for attention.
He pushed her skirt up around her waist, and then knelt down on the floor by the bed. He tugged her legs until her ass was on the edge, and closer to his mouth.
Darlene felt his hot breath on her as he stared. She knew he loved watching her play with herself, so she slid a hand between her legs.
She spread herself open, teasing him by exposing her slippery center. Her fingers slid back and forth, rubbing her lips, and then focused on twirling her clit.
“Fuck yourself baby.” He whispered.
Darlene slid a finger inside of her, and then another. She pulled her legs up towards her chest, and pushed them into her as deep as she could.
She worked them back and forth inside of her, fucking herself while Phil watched.
His mouth leaned in, and his tongue lapped at the juices pulled from her pussy by her own fingers.
He tugged at her hand, pulling her out of her warm, juicy pussy, and inserted

his own large finger inside.
He worked it slowly in and out, and pushed her ass up from the mattress so he could lick between her cheeks while he played.
The sensation of his thumb on her clit, his finger inside of her, and his tongue on her ass was more than she could handle. She felt herself start to swell, and then pulsate as her orgasm built. When she released, she let out a loud moan, one that the entire neighborhood probably heard.
Phil had a wide grin as he watched his wife twitch and quiver from his actions.
He slapped his tongue against her quivering lips, tasting his reward as it oozed from between her legs.
“Fuck!” she said with a gasp.
“You acted like you needed that.” He said.
“Oh yeah…” she responded. She didn’t tell him, but she needed it more than he realized.
“How was the workout?” she asked after calming herself down.
“It was great. She needs some help with her technique, but she has the strength and the stamina to get what she needs done.” He said.
“With your help of course.” Darlene teased.
“Of course.” Phil said with a grin.
“She’s coming over later so I can show her a few things on the machines here.” He said.
“Great.” Darlene said, trying not to sound annoyed.
“I invited them for a cookout.” He said.
Darlene perked up a little bit at the thought of another night like last night.

“Is that ok?” he asked.
“Sure, I just need to run to the store.” She said.
“Already did. Tamara and I stopped and got everything we need. I didn’t want to inconvenience you.” He said.
Darlene felt a little inconvenienced due to the fact the hot neighbor chick went shopping with her husband. She could not get him inside of a store for any amount of money or begging, so it hurt a little that he went so easily with her.
“Really, you went shopping?” she asked.
“And bought food?” she added.
“Yes, it was Tamara’s idea.” He said.
“Of course it was.” Darlene said.
She could tell Phil was confused by her sarcasm, so she decided to leave it alone. She went down stairs and looked in the fridge. He had four filets, a bunch of asparagus, beer, and wine. She was impressed at least he bought something besides chicken or fish.
Eating red meat two nights in a row is something he never did, not in the five years they had been married. But, a big busted blonde lets him play with her tits, and tada, red meat twice, oral sex in the afternoon, sex on the kitchen table, and beer in the fridge.
Darlene started feeling a little guilty about her jealousy. After her playful, but sexual time in the pool with Tommy, she knew she had little room to express jealousy.

Chapter Four
Phil was in a great mood as he cleaned up the kitchen and prepared the steaks for the grill.
Tamara and Tommy knocked on the back door, and Darlene let them in. She felt a little uneasy seeing Tommy after their little encounter in the pool that afternoon.
“I brought cheesecake.” Tamara laughed, setting the cheesecake from the night before on the counter.
“And margaritas.” She said, pointing to Tommy who held the blender and mixers for the drinks.
“Awesome!” Darlene said, realizing she really needed a stiff drink after seeing Tommy eye her in her cut off short shorts and tight tank top.
Phil grabbed beers from the fridge, handing one to Tommy as he followed him outside to the grill.
Tamara busied herself making the margaritas, while Darlene prepared the asparagus for Phil to put on the grill.
“Phil is amazing.” She said.
“He didn’t work you too hard did he?” Darlene asked.
“Not at all. It felt great!” she said.
“Once the first batch was finished, Tamara took a couple of glasses from the cabinet, and poured them each a drink.
“C’mon, let’s go poolside with these.” She said.
Darlene took her drink and followed Tamara out the door. They sat with their

feet in the water and watched the boys at the grill.
“They really have bonded.” Tamara said.
“Yes, they have.” Darlene agreed.
She knew Phil never really took to other men. Tommy was the first man he seemed to really like. She wasn’t sure if it was because he had long hair, and just looked cool, or if it was because he has a hot wife.
Tamara pulled off her sundress and jumped into the pool.
“You’re going to get in?” she asked Darlene.
“I would have to change. Maybe later.” She said.
Darlene watched Phil’s eyes linger on Tamara’s chest each time he thought she wasn’t looking. She felt the jealousy begin to grow with each caught glance.
When it was time to eat, Darlene hoped that Tamara would put her sundress back on, or at the very least a towel, but she didn’t.
She sat at the table, sawing at her steak and asparagus, jiggling her tits with every movement.
The sun started to go down, and Tamara said she was cold.
“You could go inside and change.” Darlene told her.
“Here, let me show you.” Phil said, almost knocking his beer over to get up.
Tommy smiled at Darlene as Phil took Tamara into the house.
“Sorry about earlier.” He said. “I didn’t mean to scare you.” He added.
“It was just the heat of the moment. Nothing happened. We’re good.” Darlene said, and took a long swig of her margarita.
His eyes pierced through her, making her a little uncomfortable from the

excitement they stirred up in her loins.
“You are planning on getting another coffee and biscuit tomorrow?” he asked, changing the subject to something lighter.
“If I have many more of these, I just might.” She said.
“Oh, so you have to drink to cheat?” he teased.
“It helps.” She said, smirking at him sarcastically.
Tommy asked about the nosey neighbor. He was curious if she had said anything to Darlene after he left. She told him that she went back to gardening, so she had probably heard, and seen everything.
“Thank god there was nothing to see.” He said with a giggle.
“We could have given that woman a stroke if she waited much longer to pop over.” He said.
Darlene felt her cheeks heat up as the blood rushed to her face.
“They have been in there a long time.” She said.
“You go check on them; I’m going to grab another beer.” Tommy said.
Tommy followed Darlene into the house. He opened the fridge to get a beer, and she headed up the stairs.
She could hear Phil talking, and Tamara giggling, but she couldn’t make out what they were saying.
She stopped short of the workout studio door where the noise was coming from, and peeked in without making a noise.
Tamara was still in her wet bikini, and bent over in front of Phil.
His hands were on her hips, as if he were showing her how to bend for an exercise.

“Keep your back straight.” He said softly, his hands gliding up her back.
Tamara straightened her back, and pushed her bottom directly into Phil’s crotch area.
“Now straighten back up, slowly.” He said, his hands gliding up her sides, and to her belly.
“This is hot.” Tamara giggled.
Phil’s hands lingered on the sides of Tamara’s breasts. His fingers reached around to the front, and slid underneath her bikini top.
Darlene watched in disbelief as her husband fondled the young blonde’s breasts in their own house.
She wanted to yell out, and bust in to catch them in the act, but she was curious how far this would go.
“Try bending one more time.” Phil said, now his voice a little weak. Tamara bent over slowly, pressing her bottom hard into his crotch. “Like this?” she asked.
“Just like that, now up.” He said.
Tamara straightened herself back up, slowly, as she grinded against Phil. “Damn, you do like to watch.” Tommy’s voice whispered beside her.
Darlene let out a scream, alerting Phil and Tamara to her presence when Tommy startled her.
“I didn’t even hear you come up.” She said.
“I have no doubt of that.” He said, staring at her tank top.
She looked down and realized her nipples were rock hard, and bulging from

her shirt.
When Tamara bounced to the door like nothing was going on, Darlene and Tommy both noticed Phil was excited as well.
“Oh shit!” Phil said. “It’s not what it looks like.” He said.
His crotch was wet from where Tamara had pressed her wet bikini bottom against him. His erection was pushing out of his basketball shorts, and his face was blood red.
“It’s all good. I get a woody when I watch her work out.” Tommy said with a chuckle.
Tamara giggled. “I still need to change.” She said.
She pulled Darlene’s hand, guiding her into the bedroom.
“Close the door.” She said.
Darlene did, and then sat on the edge of the bed.
“Was anything happening in there?” she asked.
“I admit, I was getting a little hot, but nothing happened, I swear.” Tamara said.
Darlene wanted to yell at her for getting hot and bothered with her husband, but she knew how big of a hypocrite that would make her, so she bit her tongue for the time being.
She untied her bikini top, letting it fall to the ground, and then slid her bottoms off. Darlene was not used to having a woman undress in front of her, but apparently Tamara had no qualms about getting naked in front of, well, anyone.
She slipped the sundress on over her body, with no panties, and her erect nipples pushing hard against the material.
As she bent over to grab her bikini from the floor, her ass was aimed directly at Darlene’s face. She felt a little flustered at the excitement she felt seeing

Tamara’s pussy spread open beneath her ass cheeks.
“Let’s just drink, and have a good time.” Tamara said.
Tommy and Phil were already back outside. They were laughing about something, and Darlene was sure it was about Phil’s erection.
Tommy seemed ok with his wife’s behavior, so Darlene thought maybe she was just being paranoid.

She decided to enjoy her new neighbors company, and not get wrapped up anymore in thoughts about fucking Tommy, and maybe her paranoia about Phil fucking Tamara would go away.

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