20 Years On and Still Enjoying MIL.

20 Years On and Still Enjoying MIL.
Jenny, my Mother In Law and I had always gotten on well, never a hint of anything remotely sexual nor anything like, just good, warm friends.
I married her daughter, Debbie, when we were both 20 and was immediately welcomed into their family. Sex between Debbie & myself was reasonable, never strained but alas rarely did the earth move for either of us, sex became satisfying but rather perfunctory.
For the first five years of our marriage my relationship with Jenny blossomed into one of genuine affection on both sides, still there was nothing sexual, not in deed nor thought.
Like many illicit affairs, circumstances conspired to change all that one fateful week in October 1969.
Debbie’s best friend from school lost her husband very suddenly due to a car crash and was left distraught bringing up their young son, Deb’s decided to take some time off work in order to help her pal through these difficult times, things were good for us financially and I had a fair bit on at work so wouldn’t notice a couple of weeks apart too much.
Ever thoughtful, Deb’s suggested that I stay with Jenny for the duration as her father was away on business in foreign parts and we could at least keep each other company and Deb’s wouldn’t feel so guilty knowing that her mum was providing meals etc for me.
Jenny was pleased to help and the week started off fine with me going to work, coming home to a lovely meal, nice hot bath, clean clothes…everything I enjoyed at home, well almost everything.
On Friday I finished work early and decided to treat Jenny to a meal out as way of saying thanks, Jenny eagerly accepted the date as she didn’t get much spoiling by her work mad husband and was soon upstairs getting herself done up.
An hour or so later Jenny reappeared in the living room asking if she would do, I glanced up from the paper I was reading and involuntarily let out a low whistle at the sight before me. Jenny looked stunning, for a woman of 45 she had everything in the right place, a tiny bit of excess flesh but all in the right places.
Her black dress was cut low enough to display the hint of her ample cleavage, short enough to allow her shapely legs to be admired, classy rather than tarty. Jenny blushed slightly at my admiring whistle and just uttered quietly “thank you”.
We headed off for a little dinner/dance club on the coast just a few miles away, I could park the car there and we could get a cab back enabling us both to have a drink or two with our meal, in fact we polished off two bottles before the dancing was in full swing, we danced a bit, sat and watched others dance a bit, chatted and had a very pleasant evening, I don’t think at that stage either of us fully

appreciated that we were having more fun together than we ever did with our respective partners.
We were both merry, certainly not pissed, and each had a warm glow about us, the band suddenly announced that the next three numbers were to be “music for smooching”, I instinctively offered Jenny my hand and we were soon embraced on the dance floor.
The first dance was very sedate, my hands were loosely around Jenny’s waist whilst hers were loosely resting on my upper arms or shoulders, contact was loose but not strained nor awkward. As the second number began my hands unconsciously started to gently caress Jenny’s back, pausing for the merest second whilst playing across her bra strap, my thumb absent mindedly strumming across the fabric, Jenny barely seemed to notice and was certainly not offended by my actions. Barely perceptibly Jenny’s hands started to grip my arms and shoulders tighter, drawing us nearer. To my horror I suddenly noticed that I had grown a very distinct, very hard and throbbing erection.
Jenny could not have missed this unless she had been completely dead, it was one of those times when, without drawing further attention to the fact, you just had to let happen.
Again Jenny didn’t appear upset nor insulted by this happening and we continued to dance closely, my hands still caressing her back from bra strap down to her bottom, never lingering long enough in any place to cause offence.
The dancing ended and we returned to our table for one last drink whilst waiting for our cab, we exchanged warm glances and continued to chat, laugh and so as we had done all evening, the odd joke, a giggle over something or other, the odd accidental brush of the hands.
He cab arrived and soon after we were back at Jenny’s, both now desperate too pee. We had joked about this on the way home, whose need was the greater etc. As Jenny opened the front door we both made a mad dash for the bathroom, both eager and determined to get there first. Gently barging Jenny out of the way I won and stood proudly in the doorway, Jenny collapsed in a fit of giggles remonstrating that if I didn’t let her go first she was likely to pee herself.
Being the perfect Gent I stood aside and gestured for her to take first shot, as she passed me in the doorway she paused briefly and placed a very gentle kiss on my lips saying thanks and continued into the bathroom. The was pushed ajar but not shut and seconds later I heard the gush as she peed freely, this only intensified the mental pressure on my bladder to be relieved, I shouted this fact to Jenny who giggled again and said “well pee in the sink then if you need to go that badly” with that I pushed the door open, my zipper was down and my semi hard tool was out in a flash pointing into the basin and letting go with tremendous force. Barely a few seconds passed before the realisation of what I was doing dawned on me…here I was, cock out, pissing in the sink with my Mother In Law sat with tights and knickers bunched at her knees sitting on the toilet pan. I half turned and was on the verge of uttering my apologies until I caught the look on Jenny’s face. She sat, knees together finishing off her pee and was just staring at my semi hard tool, no words were spoken, Jenny reached for the toilet paper, tore a strip and wiped herself, pulling off her tights and knickers and throwing them towards the washing hamper, her dress being lowered to cover her modesty and all without displaying any hint of what lay between

her legs, nor taking her eyes off my tool.
Jenny turned to flush the loo whilst I returned my cock back inside my trousers, what possessed me to make my next move I will never know, it seemed right and the natural thing to do, made the short step towards Jenny, my left hand resting easily on her left hip and as she turned back she just fell into my arms. My mouth lowered gently to hers and our lips met first in a series of little butterfly kisses, briefly touching before searching for another part of each others mouth. My tongue gently played across her lips, my lips gently plucked at each side of her neck, pulling slightly at her ear lobes before returning to claim her mouth fully.
Jenny’s arms went instinctively around my neck as our mouths crushed together, tongues meeting and probing deep into each other, my hand slid down slipping quickly between her legs which parted instantly giving easy access to her hidden treasures. Her pubic hair was soft, not too thick but certainly covering her whole mound. My finger extended and began to probe her labia, for a few seconds it felt as though her fanny lips were glued together but as my finger gently slid down her slit the labia parted and I was greeted with the sensation of what appeared to be her peeing all over again. In fact Jenny was so wet that the moisture inside her had been building and suddenly was freed with the parting of her cunt lips.
Jenny moaned deeply into my mouth as two fingers eased themselves into her, penetrating deep inside her soft warm cunt, my hand was soon awash with her love juices flowing freely, allowing me to spread the moisture all over her mound, her clitoris felt had and erect and every time my thumb grazed over it I felt her knees weaken as though she were about to collapse.
Still without speaking, I gently took Jenny’s hand, our lips parted and I drew her towards her bedroom. I sat on the edge of the bed and Jenny stood between my legs, gently I drew her back towards me, Jenny bending slightly to allow our lips to meet once again, tenderly we kissed, my hands slipped up the back of her thighs, cupping her perfect arse in my large hands, I teased her legs apart and allowed my fingers to probe the wetness again. Easing Jenny on to my left knee whilst my left hand reached for the zipper of her dress, my right hand cupped her breast from the front instantly feeling the hardness of her throbbing nipple fighting to make a whole in the fabric of her bra and dress.
Jenny raised slightly from my knee, her mouth never leaving mine as I eased the dress from her shoulders and down to the floor, Jenny giving it a casual flick of her foot as it hit the carpet before settling back on my knee.
In an instant my hand had released the clasp of her black lace bra and was soon laying next to her dress on the floor. Again I was taken back, I had always suspected that Jenny was well blessed in the tit department, as was her daughter, but the firmness and fullness of her breasts was truly magnificent. I found out later that they were a very full and rounded 38c.
The nipples were very erect, standing like giant acorns, Jenny moaned deeper every time my thumb grazed across her stiff peaks, my finger and thumbs closing around them, teasing them gently but firmly from her body. Jenny ground her arse down onto my throbbing erection, her legs parted and closed

almost involuntarily as her passion deepened. Again my fingers found her gushing wetness, pressure gently applied to her clit and suddenly without warning her body stiffened slightly, her thighs clamping together around my hand, her head went back and she gasped deeply as she reached her first orgasm.
Still no words were exchanged, nor needed. Gently I lay Jenny back on the bed, legs hanging over the edge, my mouth followed her down and my lips clamped on to those erect buds, drawing them deep inside my mouth. Jenny arched her body in an attempt to force more of her breast into my mouth. I laboured dutifully alternating between her nipples, pushing her breasts together occasionally as I attempted, futilely to get as much of each breast into my mouth as I possibly could.
Eventually my lips left her tits and travelled slowly down across her belly, pausing briefly to dip into her bellybutton before moving on down. I breathed in deeply intoxicated by the fragrant beauty emanating from her love mound, my mouth found her slit, tongue probing, sliding up and down the slit, swirling over her clitoris and then lower to the valley near her anus. My tongue broadened on the up stroke, lapping her juices, teeth tugging gently at her moist labia, soon enough, Jenny’s body stiffened again, this time her thighs clamping tight around my head, her hands pushing my head into her crotch as she came powerfully for me.
I slowly kissed my way back up her body as her thighs released their grip on my head, as I travelled upwards Jenny instinctively drew her knees upwards and allowed her thighs to fall wide apart, my erection was so strong, Jenny was so wet that there was no need for my cock to be guided. Jenny’s hands drew me close as my lips once again found hers, my throbbing cock met with perfect alignment her cunt entrance and without stopping, glided deep inside her body, Jenny shuddering slightly as I entered her.
My cock bottomed out and we lay embracing as Jenny’s fanny became accustomed to this invasion by what I now know was only the second cock to have the privilege of finding this warm tight hole.
God was she tight, despite the copious flowing of her juices the walls of her cunt fitted as close as a kid glove. Slowly I started to rotate and slide my cock back and forth, this soon gave way to long strokes that allowed my knob to almost withdraw from her before being pushed far and deep inside her. Gradually our passion heightened and for the first time we, or rather Jenny spoke as she gently pulled her mouth from mine she gazed deep into my eyes and whispered barely audibly “Cum in me baby”, “please cum in me now”
With that my balls tightened and I felt the surge of my spunk running though my cock erupting from the head and spraying her insides with thick warm cream, Jenny tightened again as we came together.
We lay for several hours in each others arms, not speaking eventually drifting off to sleep. I arose before Jenny, showered and made breakfast for her in bed, there was no awkwardness between us, no need for words.
That was twenty years ago now, we have been satisfying each other, and still do, regularly over those years, neither my wife nor her father have any inkling about our affair, we are very discreet and both

know that many chances arise naturally for us to continue our love affair.

Even today, Jenny at 65 is a very beautiful and loving lady, together we have explored may boundaries of sexuality….but those stories are best left for another day!


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