18-Year-Old Jason Fancies His Auntie Ch. 01

18-Year-Old Jason Fancies His Auntie Ch. 01
Dee picked up the post off the doormat and was intrigued by the hand written envelope addressed to her and her husband.
She opened it and was pleasantly surprised to see it was an invitation to a wedding. One of her nieces was getting married and her and husband Andy were invited. Dee’s first reaction was what a great excuse to buy a new dress and hat.
The wedding was in a couple of months’ time and it gave Dee an opportunity to have a nice girly time browsing round the town’s dress shops. She opted for a purple figure hugging dress with a fairly low cut top, a lighter purple hat and a white shawl.
Although the wedding was being held in Gloucestershire where they lived they decided to stay in the hotel where the reception was being held so that they could have a few drinks and not worry about driving home afterwards.
As she and Andy started getting dressed for the wedding she couldn’t decide whether she should wear stockings and suspender belt with her white knickers or her sheer waist high tights and no knickers. She opted for the stockings and suspenders particularly as they were staying the night and she thought that she might be able to persuade Andy to have sex there. She was finding that as time went on he didn’t want as much sex as she did.
As she sat at the dressing room table and put on her make up she admired herself in the mirror. She thought not bad for a 50 year old who’s been married for 30 odd years.
She put on her deep red lipstick that she knew Andy liked and made her feel more feminine along with her mascara and eye shadow.
She brushed her shoulder length brunette hair. Being a hairdresser, as usual her hair looked immaculate.
Andy looked smart in his suit and tie and they set off for the wedding. It was quite a while since they had seen many members of the family and they were both looking forward to meeting up with everyone again at such a happy occasion.
The wedding was in a village church and afterwards all the guests made their way to a local hotel where the reception was being held and Dee and Andy were staying the night.
Andy and Dee spent quite a while chatting to family members they hadn’t seen for many years. Soon it was time to eat and Andy and Dee found their places on the table plan. They were seated at a round table of eight people. Some were already seated when they sat down.

As Dee sat chatting to another relative, she heard the chair beside her being pulled out. Someone sat down and said, ‘Hello Auntie Dee,’
Dee turned round and saw a very good looking young lad. She thought for a few moments and then said, ‘It’s Jason, isn’t it, god I haven’t seen you since, well I’m not sure when.’
‘Just don’t say, why you’ve grown,’ he said and laughed.
‘They chatted for a while and then Dee said, ‘So what are you up to right now,’
‘Well right now auntie, I’m admiring your gorgeous big tits,’ he said.
Dee laughed and said, ‘I’m not sure you should be saying that to your auntie.’
‘I’m only telling you the truth, you’ve got great tits from what I can see of them,’ he replied.
Dee was surprised at his comments but also flattered that someone as good looking and as young as him could think and actually say that to her.
Dinner was served and the wine started flowing and everyone was chatting to each other. Suddenly Dee felt Jason’s legs against hers. She moved her leg away and carried on chatting. A moment or two later and his leg was again rubbing against hers. She couldn’t move any further away so this time she turned round and he just had this cheeky grin on his face.
‘Jason what are you doing,’ she said.
‘I think you’re really sexy, I fancy you and want to fuck you,’ he replied.
Dee was shocked first at what he said and then by the word he used. Even Andy didn’t say he wanted to fuck her.
‘Jason, you must not talk to me like that, I’m your auntie and old enough to be your mother,’ Dee replied.
‘I know and I’m old enough to know that I want to fuck you,’ he replied.
Dee was stunned and didn’t know what to say, but secretly she was also flattered that such a good looking lad of his age could say something like that to her.
She carried on chatting to the others at the table but found her mind wandering back to what Jason had just said. She thought to herself, this can’t be happening to me, I am definitely feeling moist between the legs.

Then she felt his hand on her thigh. She let him carry on for a while. It felt as if he was stroking her leg.

Dee turned round to Jason but didn’t stop him and said, ‘What are you doing now?’
‘I’m trying to feel if you’re wearing suspenders and stockings,’ he replied.
Dee smiled and said, ‘And why’s that?’
‘Well,’ he replied, ‘If you’re wearing stockings and suspenders when I fuck you all I’ve got to do is pull your knickers to the side and I’ll be able to slip my huge cock inside you, whereas if you’re wearing tights I’ll have to take them down,’
‘Oh Jason, you really are terrible. And have you decided what I am wearing?’ Dee said.
‘No, but either you can tell me or let me carry on rubbing your leg until I work it out.’ he replied.
‘I’m wearing stockings and suspenders with white silky knickers, but you’ll have to trust I’m telling you the truth because you’re never going to see them or fuck me.’ Dee replied.
This was unusual for Dee because she never used that word.
Jason was taken aback but said, ‘You don’t know what you’re missing, have you ever had a 9 inch cock pounding in and out of your pussy and cumming 2 or 3 times,’
‘Don’t exaggerate,’ she replied.
‘I’m not exaggerating, I’ll show you later,’ Jason replied.
Everyone finished their meal and listened to the speeches and still Jason stroked his auntie’s leg under the table. By now she had drunk a few glasses of wine and was feeling quite mellow and in fact was by now quite enjoying it.
Cunningly Jason had managed to lift Dee’s dress somewhat and soon was stroking the top of her stocking. He figured that soon he would reach the bare part of her thigh between the stocking top and her knickers.
Dee was very aware of what he was doing and made no attempt to stop him.
The speeches finished and the DJ started playing music. Suddenly lots of people were on the dance floor. Dee fancied a dance and grabbed Andy’s hand and pulled him up to dance.
They enjoyed the first dance and then the next one was a slow smoochy one. Dee draped her arms round Andy’s neck and pulled him tight to her. The effects of the wine were really getting to her and she whispered in his ear, ‘I’m feeling really horny and wearing your favourite stockings and white silky knickers why don’t we sneak up to the bedroom and all you’ve got to do is pull my knickers to one side

and slip your cock deep inside my pussy and fuck me,’
Andy was taken aback as his wife never said things like that. He said, ‘I thought we could do that when we went to bed.’
She replied, ‘We could do it now and when we go to bed,’
‘No, someone will notice we’re missing and wonder where we are, anyway since when have I managed to do it twice in such a short space of time,’ Andy replied.
Dee was really disappointed, she was feeling really horny and Andy turned her down. She took her arms from around his neck and stormed off the dance floor.
When she got back to her seat Jason could see she was upset.
‘What’s the matter auntie?’ he asked.
‘Your uncle, he’s the matter,’ Dee replied and grabbed Jason’s hand and said, ‘You’ll dance with me.’
She led him to the dance floor and danced in a slow smoochy way although not as close as with Andy.
After a couple of minutes she felt Jason’s hands on the bum pulling her tightly towards him. She didn’t resist and he said, ‘Auntie can you feel my hard on pressing against you?’
Dee didn’t reply as she pushed closer to him. Soon she was rubbing herself against him. She hoped nobody could see but she was so horny that it didn’t bother her if they did.
The dance finished and they went back to the table. Andy was still engrossed in conversation with a friend. They say down and immediately Jason took his auntie’s hand and put it on his trousers where she could feel his erect cock.
Dee ran her fingers along the shaft and was astonished at the length of it. She realised then that she wanted it and said, ‘Well do you still want to fuck me?’
Jason didn’t need to reply, his cock throbbing cock spoke for him.
Dee said, ‘I’m in room 221, give me a few minutes and come up.’
Dee turned to Andy and said, ‘I think I’ve had too much wine, I’m just going up to the room for half an hour.’
She got up and walked out of the room. Jason’s eyes followed her and he couldn’t take his eyes of her seemed stockings and high heel shoes.

Dee got to the room and was very horny indeed. She went to the bathroom and put on fresh lipstick. She was going to take her knickers off but wanted Jason to do what he said he was going to.
As soon as Jason knocked on the door Dee pulled it open. He stepped in the room and she clamped her deep red lips tight against his. His lips parted and her tongue flicked into his mouth. Her hand went straight to his crotch and felt his hard cock. Dee wanted it everywhere and anywhere — in her cunt, in her mouth and in her ass. If he really could cum three times he could cum in all of those welcoming holes.
Jason reached behind his auntie’s back and unzipped her expensive purple dress. She let it fall to the ground and stepped out of it. He then bent down and sucked his auntie’s erect nipples.
‘Bite them,’ she pleaded with him as she undid his trousers and pulled down his underpants.
She looked down and was astonished at the size of his cock. He was right it was huge.
Jason led his auntie to the bed and she lay down. ‘Open your legs,’ he demanded.
Dee did exactly as her nephew wanted.
Jason crawled on the bed and started licking his way up her stocking clad legs. Soon he reached the bare part above the stocking top. He could smell his auntie’s pussy juices. He looked up and said, ‘Auntie, your knickers are very wet.’
Dee replied, ‘I know, my cunt juices are soaking them, I need to cum, please lick my cunt or fuck me.’
Jason edged his face closer to auntie’s pussy. Then he was licking her knickers, he licked up and down the while length of her pussy. Dee pulled his head towards her and started grinding her cunt against his face. She knew she was about to cum when suddenly he stopped licking her and pushed his huge cock toward her opening. He did exactly what he said he was going to do. He pushed her knickers to the side and placed his cock at her opening.
Dee felt her nephews cock pushing against her wet cunt lips. They parted easily and Jason’s cock started sliding in her. Immediately she realised it was a lot thicker then her husband Andy’s. She also knew it was lot longer and she wondered how much she could take. She was amazed as he went further and further in and then slowly withdrew and then plunged it right in.
Dee shouted out with pleasure as her young nephew continued to fuck her. She loved the way he filled her up. She had never had anything as large as his cock inside her. Even her trusty dildo didn’t fill her like Jason’s cock did.
Soon Dee’s orgasm was nearing as she pushed herself up to meet his downward thrust. She managed to stifle a scream as her huge throbbing orgasm crashed through her body. Jason realised his auntie had cum but continued fucking her. He was soon getting to the point of no return and although he had

thought about contraception vaguely earlier in the evening he was simply going to shoot his spunk deep inside his auntie.
But before Jason could cum, Dee felt her second orgasm nearing and she managed to cum again just before she felt the throb and ejaculation of Jason deep inside her cunt.
Jason collapsed on top his auntie and his cock which was still erect was still deep inside her.
After a few minutes recovering Jason asked, ‘can you cum again because I can.’
Dee replied, ‘Give me a few minutes and I’m sure I can.’
Jason slipped out of his auntie’s wet and hot pussy and lay beside her. He felt her hands on his cock slowly rubbing up and down his shaft. He reached over and started playing with his auntie’s pussy. Soon they were both aroused and ready for more action.
Jason said, ‘Auntie I want to fuck you in the ass, I’ll be gentle I promise.’
Dee enjoyed gentle anal sex but had never experienced anything of his size but was so aroused she would do anything.
They stood up and Dee bent over the back of an armchair. She parted her legs and as Jason came up behind her he loved the site of her seemed stockings and high heel shoes.
Again he pushed her stained knickers aside and eased his cock towards her auntie’s other hole. He eased it gently in and found it very tight but when he rubbed some of her pussy juices and his spunk that was dripping out of her cunt round the opening to lubricate it his cock started to slide in. He was so gentle to start with and he reached round the front of his auntie and fingered her pussy and clit.
Dee was getting more and more aroused and she found herself pushing back to meet his thrusts. She didn’t know how much of his cock she was taking but with each thrust she was getting more and more aroused. With Jason rubbing her clit she realised that her next orgasm was not far away.
Her orgasm, although her third of the night was as intense as the others. The tightness of his auntie’s ass soon had Jason cumming deep inside her.
He withdrew and Dee was pleased as it was starting to get a little sore. Soon she felt her nephew’s cum dribbling out of her arse and onto the back of her legs.
Again they relaxed and recovered on the bed. Jason said, ‘Auntie can I ask you a really big favour?’
‘What is it,’ she replied.

‘Will you suck me off and let me cum in your mouth,’ he replied.

‘Sure, just have a wash, I’d love to,’ his aunt replied.
Jason hurried to the bathroom and washed thoroughly. Dee in the meantime put on some more of her deep red lipstick. As he walked back his erection was clear for Dee to see and she wondered how she had managed to take in her cunt and ass.
Dee sat on the edge of the bed and Jason stood in front of his auntie. His erect cock sticking straight out Dee moved her head forward and took his cock in her mouth. She clamped her lipstick covered lips round the head and started sucking. She used one hand to squeeze his balls and the other one gently fingered his ass.
Dee loved the cock in her mouth as she moved her mouth up and down his shaft. Then she stopped fingering his ass and started wanking his cock. Along with the sucking action of her lips she soon had her nephew ready to shoot his load deep into her mouth.
Dee was now wildly sucking and wanking her nephew’s cock desperate to taste his cum.
Suddenly Jason was calling out, ‘Oh auntie, suck me wank me, oh yes its wonderful, I’m cumming, I’m cumming.’
As she felt the tell tale throbbing Dee just kept on sucking and soon she felt spurt after spurt of hot spunk hit the back of her throat. She made sure she didn’t swallow any as she wanted to savour the taste and texture of it.
They lay down again and Dee played with the spunk in her mouth and eventually swallowed it.
They decided that should go back to the party and Dee was just about to wash herself and Jason said, ‘Let me lick your cunt.’
Although Dee had cum three times she couldn’t resist Jason’s request and she stood in front of him. She held her pussy lips apart and Jason teased her with his tongue by slowing running it up and down the full length of her pussy. Soon Jason found her clit and as he flicked his tongue over the little hard bud Dee felt another orgasm growing. She pulled his head hard against her and ground her pussy against his head. Her orgasm, a little less intense than others still gave her that wonderful feeling that she adored so much.
Now it really was time to return to the party. They dressed and Dee could still feel her nephew’s cum slowly dribbling out of her two holes onto her white stained panties.
Jason went back first and Dee followed shortly afterwards. Andy asked if she felt better and she said that she did.
When the party finished Dee and Andy went back to their room. Dee knew that Andy would want sex

and she knew she would have to agree but fortunately for her he was too drunk and fell asleep while she was in the bathroom.
Dee had a restless night thinking about the pleasure Jason had given her. At breakfast they saw each other and as Andy chatted to someone they exchanged phone numbers and emails.
Everyone departed after breakfast but not before Jason and Dee had managed a secretive kiss.
Dee thought a lot about what had happened and didn’t expect to hear from him again and was surprised when a couple of days later she got he following email.
It read:
My Dear Slutty Auntie
Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed fucking you the other evening and want to do it again. I have booked a hotel room for the afternoon the day after tomorrow. I am already hard thinking about you and although I want to have a wank I will wait until I can cum all over your beautiful face and in your cunt. The room is booked from 1.30, please wear the same slutty white knickers, high heel shoes and suspenders.
Yours very horny and hard
Dee read with it excitement. She liked being called slutty and the thought of all that pleasure and cum in and on her convinced that this was an appointment she would definitely take.

Read chapter 2 soon where Jason gives Dee so much pleasure that she cannot say no to anything he wants and when he suggests one of his friend join them Dee just agrees to let them do whatever they want to her.


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