13 Nights

It’s 1:12am as I write this. Beside me, in my bed lies my 28yr old cousin Shelly in a white shirt, blue panties and my shorts. She will be visiting me for the next 12 nights in California and I pray that she will have less and less clothes on as the nights go by (and as I remember how to fuck up the thermostat). I am beside her, in my briefs and a t-shirt writing this crazy story because I have decided that I will not, for the 2nd time in a month & 3rd time in the last two years, allow a woman about whom I have fantasized for so long, sleep in my satin sheets without having any sort of sex with me. This is not fiction, but is rather a real unfolding story so if you have any advice, include it in the comments below. I will update you with a new chapter every night.
10 years ago, when I was 17, I moved to Chicago USA from Tanzania with my family. It was mid November—cold and so windy that we had to guide my younger brothers into the house lest they get blown away by the wind. Yet we came from a place where 50F was considered a record low temperature. It was hard, not just because of the weather, but socially too. Although I’d just finished high school, I was unprepared for the American academic system and needed to take 2 years to take standardized tests and then apply the next year. I once considered re-enrolling in high school just to have some friends my age.
Then one day, when I came back from the library where I spent my days studying, I saw this petite, cute girl at home. Actually she was breathtaking, and was with some lady who was talking to my mother. I dropped my things off in my room and went to say hi. She was introduced as Shelly, and her mom as my auntie. I didn’t question the fact since in African cultures it is common to refer to any close family friend a generation older than you as your uncle or aunty. I only found out last year exactly how we are “related”; my mother’s cousin married her mother, who already had Shelly from a previous relationship. As our parents talked, she suggested we go for a walk to buy some soda since all we had in the house were diet-cokes. I agreed, still slightly stunned from walking in to find such a beauty. And that was the start.
As we grew to know one another we became fond of one another. I learned she had moved to the US only a few months before me, but not from Tanzania directly. Instead she had come via some Asian country where she had gone to high school, so she understood my loneliness. We attempted to learn Spanish together, calling one another “mi amor (my love)” and I was part of the road trip that sent her to college on the east coast. We lost touch during college years as I was busy chasing some girls and she was…busy, but we recently reconnected and I told her that she should come visit me over the summer.
Last Christmas, I visited home and spent a couple of nights at her house, and she spent some at mine. While at her place, I gave her a back massage, which included her taking of her bra but lying on the floor, then a short cuddle before I pulled away to sleep because she warned me that her mother was very protective. When she visited me, we cuddled for a while, but I couldn’t fall asleep in the bed lest my parents find us in such a position and ask me what was going on. However during that cuddle session, we discussed sex and she said how she wished she were a lesbian, but sighed that women just didn’t do it for her. I told her that I always found her attractive and she jokingly pointed out that I couldn’t handle her if it came to sex. That comment not only fueled my intentions, but escalated my desires. “Not handle her?” I kept muttering to myself, “if given the chance I would have her petite figure crying out my name.” Images of her bouncing off my rock hard member as she bites her lips flash through my mind

regularly. I watch porn stars who remind me of her and groan her name into my sheets as I cum. I have fucked larger women; I have no doubt that I will definitely handle her.
I therefore redoubled my efforts to have her come visit me in Cali, where we could be largely undisturbed. I had been nagging her to come see me for a while, but now I said that I would cover the cost of her ticket if she came over. We finally booked the ticket in early September.
Recently she has been having some drama with her partner. He doesn’t know if he wants to be with her or not and so they have been taking a break. She therefore moved back to Chicago and has run into the usual family conflict of a 20-something moving back home: “Why are you drinking? Why are you going out partying? Why are you not going to church?” She has therefore reached out to me to talk and discuss things. I gave advice that I would give to any person I cared about in such a situation, although I knew that my scheming side was elated because her ambiguous relationship status meant she could have one less reason to refuse. Our deep and empathetic conversations naturally led back to a closeness where we started our texts with “mi amor” and ended our phone conversations with “I love you”. She is excited to see me and I her.
Tonight at the airport, she hugged me hard when I picked her up. I held her tight and kissed her fore-head. I wanted to maximize the affection I could show her, because in other places I may not be able to do so. After picking her up, we had dinner at a Greek restaurant where she said that she wants to have an affair while here. “Oh goody” I thought to myself, “that hurdle is over. Now I only need to convince her to fuck ME!” I’m also going to have to keep her away from all my hungry straight guy friends.
At home, in my room, she pointed out that that book “A guide to getting it on!” probably impairs my chances of bedding women. I actually put it there on purpose, to start the conversation about sex, but avoided mentioning how many women I’d brought to be bedded (none, recently). She started to change and so told me to turn around. I obliged, but didn’t fully turn around so she turned around. She asked for shorts and I warned her that it gets really hot in my room (which thankfully it does) and that she shouldn’t have much on. I then went downstairs to take a shower.
I returned to find her already asleep in bed with a movie playing next to her. I climbed into bed and moved into the big spoon position with my right arm supporting her neck, leaving my left hand free to roam. I touched her tummy, which made her flinch saying that my hand was too cold. I therefore gently massaged her shoulder to get my hand to warm up, then returned to caress her beautiful skin once more. I started off at her tummy, beautiful and slightly round, then slowly slid up towards her sternum, but she started to stir, so I retreated. I played around with the waistband of the shorts and she didn’t seem that sensitive. In fact at some point, as I wrote this, she got so hot under the covers that she kicked them off and bunched the shorts around her crotch, her left hand seemingly dipping within her waistband. What a glorious sight to behold!
Anyway, that’s it for tonight. I’m content to bring her close and be the big spoon for tonight. Maybe my hand will dip within the waistband of her shorts and I’ll sleep there. In addition to the normal stuff that people do when they visit one another, I plan to schedule lots of movie watching sessions in my room where she and I can intertwine with one another while awake. I’ll also give her a massage with many of

the fruity lotions I have in my room, with the end goal of giving her a happy ending (if I can get there). I may just even employ the Je Joue vibrator that I bought for her just for her visit which is in a box within my nightstand, already charged (I may leave it out for her to explore). I’ll keep you updated. And if you have any suggestions on how to seduce a woman who is lying in bed with you, please send them in detail. As I said, from the fact that I’ve previously been unsuccessful with two other women who were not my cousin, I’ll need all the help I can get.


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